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Virtual Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is great for social distancing, structured workouts, winter cycling, avoiding unsafe roads, or for people with time/location constraints. However, indoor cycling can be boring unless you are riding virtually.

There are numerous apps to assist with indoor riding. In simple terms, you connect your bicycle to a trainer, and pair the trainer to a computer/device running the app. The faster/harder you pedal on the bike, the faster you go in the program. It's a little more complicated than that, so check out whichever service works best for you.


The game Zwift seems to be the most popular indoor cycling app unless you have specific training goals. Zwift allows you to ride in a variety of worlds by yourself, you can participate in races, official group ride events, or even organize private meet-ups with Zwifters next door or around the world. Zwift also has running! Here is more information:

Basic Zwift setup

If you're looking for the cheapest way to get into Zwift, you can start with a basic setup and slowly upgrade to a better one. This section is only a starting point; do your own research to make sure everything will work together. Assuming you already have a bike and a supported computing device, a cheap setup (amazon prices) would require a: Although a dumb trainer is better than nothing and it's a good start, it's not as fun as a smart trainer...

Good Zwift setup (Smart Trainer)

A good Zwift setup can be expensive. If you shop around, wait for seasonal sales, buy used, acquire hand-me-downs, etc, you can save money.
This setup includes:

Zwift FAQ